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10 minutes

This dynamic warm-up is an integral part to unlocking the BEAST within you. Achieve a heightened state of awareness, engage your muscles and mentally prepare yourself for whatever your Packleader has in store for you. 



A quick Boomerang of Kristie Alicea and Tony Vidal demonstrating Rope Work at BEAST Fitness Evolved in Park Slope Brooklyn. #LeadThePack


40 minutes

Phase 1
This 3 section circuit will bring out your inner BEAST using a wide range of equipment and movements designed to strengthen and tone your whole body. 

Phase 2

Packleader's choice gives your Packleaders the opportunity to design a portion of the workout based on what will bring the BEAST out of each class.

Phase 3

This phase focuses on building your core and posterior chain to improve balance and flatten your midsection.



10 minutes

The TAME phase of the workout will focus on restorative movements and stretches set at a slower pace to lower you heart rate and recover from unleashing the BEAST. 

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