Marc Derosena

Pack Leader

Marc's been generating buzz on New York's fitness scene since 2014, when he and his twin brother, Ace, opened Concrete Fitness. For years prior, the twins had been honing their craft, inspired by boot camp-style circuit training they learned from a cousin, and applying their methods as in-home personal trainers. They became adept at helping their clients reach their goals with few resources and limited equipment.

Marc described their trademark Twinsanity workout as "not only physically intense, but also about conditioning individuals' bodies and helping them focus on their mental strength." It's a sight to behold, and will change your idea of what a kickass workout consists of!

Marc served as the fitness director of HIIT BK, and now brings his expertise and passion to the Beast pack.


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  • Co-founder of Concrete Fitness, fitness director of HIIT BK


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