Ace Derosena

Pack Leader

In 2014, Ace and his twin brother, Marc, opened Concrete Fitness. Years earlier, the two came to fitness as two skinny teenagers eager to bulk up. A cousin with military training introduced them to boot camp-style circuit training, and they were hooked. Ace and Marc trained athletes in college, and, after returning home, Ace began training clients in their homes. It wasn't long before his brother joined him.

At Concrete Fitness, the twins developed their trademark Twinsanity workout, described by BurnThis as "a challenge that goes above and beyond the normal bootcamp routine...the next level in workouts!"

In 2015, Ace placed 2nd on Racked's NYC's Hottest Trainer 2015 contest. After Concrete, Ace led HIIT classes at ICE NYC.

He brings to Beast his indomitable attitude. His favorite quote? "Pain is weakness leaving the body."


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  • Co-founder of Concrete Fitness


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